Below you will find are some of the most common questions from our new customers with answers to them:

How Do I Purchase a Paper, E-book Or Solution Manual from HomworkMarket.Net?

We has a search function which allows you to browse through our database to find the papers, eBooks and Solution manuals available. Upon finding your desired paper, eBook and Solution manual, just click on “Buy” Button and you will be automatically redirected to PayPal. At PayPal, you will be able to pay for the paper using either your Credit Card or PayPal before you complete the download.

What Do I Do If I Don’t Find the Term Paper, E-book Or Solution Manual I Want?

In case you do not find the paper, eBook or solution manual you were looking for at our site, feel free to order for it and have it written for you by our team of professional tutors. We have highly qualified and trained academic experts who are able to handle various topics and write high-quality papers which ensures great grades.

Do you guarantee my complete confidentiality?

We guarantee that your personal details will remain safe: we never share, sell or use it in any other malicious way. We protect your personal information and have several security measures for that. Your data is only used to provide quality services and to verify any suspicious activity on accounts of our customers. For example, we may contact our clients to verify that their credit card was not stolen or to solve any issues about the order. For more information, Privacy Policy.

I can’t remember my password, is there a link to reset my password?

There is no need to worry if you cannot remember you password! You just need access to your email. Just clink on the “Forgot password?” link on the login page, and check your email to restore access to your account.

How will I get my paper?

You can download your paper after processing the payment. Otherwise our Customer Care Representative will also email it to your inbox once you complete the payment.

Once you place a free inquiry or an order on our website, your account gets automatically created. After your writer finishes working on your document, a notification will be sent to you that your order preview has been uploaded to your Control Panel. If you are pleased with your order, you can approve it. If not, send it for a revision. You have three revisions available free of charge. For more information, check out our Revision Policy.

How can I talk to my author?

How can you know if the writer has understood your instructions? You can talk to him/her using our convenient messaging system for each corresponding case. For security reasons, this is the only allowed means of communication with your writer. We guarantee quick replies. For more, visit our Privacy Policy.

Can I upload additional materials for my writer to use?

We encourage our customer to upload as many materials as needed. After all the quality of the final product depends on it. To upload additional files, go the “Files” section in your personal account. We accept most common file formats such as .doc, .docx and .pdf. The documents must be no more than 20 MB in size. If you are having difficulties uploading your materials, send the extra files to our email or contact Customer Support Representatives.

I can’t upload extra materials

We accept most common file formats such as .doc, .docx and .pdf. The documents must be no more than 20 MB in size. If you are having difficulties uploading your materials, try using a different browser or sending the files to our email along with the case number. Alternatively, get in touch with Customer Support Representatives for assistance.

I need changes in my paper, how can I improve the quality of my paper?

If paper is not up to your standards, you can send it for a revision along with detailed comments and a deadline by which you require the paper. The writer will revise the paper up to 3 times for free. Please note that you may not alter the initial instructions or upload additional data in case of revision. Once your order is approved, you have a week to ask Customer Support Representatives to have your paper revised. For details, check out our Revision Policy.


Is It Legal to Use Our Service?

YES. The services offered by HomworkMarket.Net are completely legal as long as they do not contravene the academic policies of your school. Our company does not, in any way, condone plagiarism. Any paper purchased from us should only be used for the purposes of assistance only.

At no given time should you use and consider the paper as your own original work.




What does the price of my paper depend on?

We have developed a flexible pricing system, which enables us to deliver the perfect product in compliance with the requirements and needs of our customers. The price is based on 4 main factors – the number of pages, academic level, time frame for writing the paper and the types of document.

We suggest you use custom written services with prices of more than $7/page, as it is nearly impossible to deliver quality content for such low amount of money. Furthermore, such papers may be included in online databases.

Can I make a payment after the order has been delivered?

We provide prepaid services, which means that the writer will start working on your task as soon as you make a payment. There are no reasons to worry because your paper will be completely original and custom written especially for you based on the instructions you provide and under your supervision. The deadline timer activates as soon as you make a payment.

Is it secure to make a payment in advance?

Thousands of customers at HomworkMarket.Net have already been pleased with their security while they were using our service, and there’s every reason that you will enjoy using it, too. The financial information you submit does not reach us as it goes directly to the payment system of your choice. We only receive your basic information, such as your full name, mobile number, the last 4 digits of your debit/credit card, and your address.

Can we negotiate the price? Do you offer discounts?

All the prices are calculated automatically. You may find the final price of your paper using the calculator on the main page.

We value our clients, and that is why various discount types are offered. There are one time and lifetime discounts. To get your discount code, contact our Customer Support Representatives. Note that it is possible to use such codes only if your order price is more than $30. For more information, view our Prices.

Do I also need to pay for the References and Title pages?

No, you don’t! We provide those pages free of charge! You only pay for the paper body. Formatting as you require is also provided without payment!

If I change my mind, can I get a refund?


YES. Custom papers written from scratch by our professionals have refunds once verified by the Quality Assurance Department (QAD). Purchases of already written (pre-written papers) from our site have no refunds. We have a thorough refund policy, which you view in our Money back guarantee (Refund) Policy. Favorable conditions have been created so that our clients can be certain that they use their money wisely. If your work has been canceled or made a mistake while placing an order, etc., we are ready to return your money according to our refund policy.